Q. What is the minimum age to go on a referee course?
A. 14.

Q. How do I book onto a referee course?
A. Visit your County FA's website for course booking details, dates and course venues.

Q. How much does a referee course cost to attend?
A. The FA have set guidelines on this, with a cap of £135.00 per candidate.

Q. Do I need any pre-course requirements?
A. Attend a pre-course workshop, this might be known as a Get Into Refereeing workshop - details through your local County FA.

Referees are required to attain an FA Safeguarding certificate before being registered to referee any matches and if aged sixteen or older and you intend to officiate in Youth football you'll also need an FA CRC certificate - details of both can be obtained from your County FA website


Q. How long does the course last?
A. The new FA practical refereeing skills course consists of 18 learning hours and depending on the location, this course could be held over a couple of weekend dates or during the daytime during the week at half term holiday dates for example.

Q. What is the difference between this new referee course and the old one?
A. The old course was about teaching the course candidates the Laws of Football with some practical skills in a classroom but the new course requires the course candidates to learn the laws at home in advance of attending the course and learning the practical skills to referee on the course, so that when the candidate is ready to start refereeing, they will have had some experience already in what to expect and what to do.

Q. What does the new course structure require?
A. The new course is made up of Units, where the candidate is required to attend the course and participate in learning the practical skills required, be evaluated refereeing part of a match, then referee five matches of 9v9 and/or 11v11 football matches before returning to the course venue at a later date to complete a thirty minute multiple choice exam on the laws of the game and feedback on their matches, sharing their experiences with other course candidates.

Q. Where do I get these games from to referee?
A. Most County FA's have mentoring schemes where referees can start officiating with a referee mentor, to guide them through this early stage of their careers.

Q. What is the time frame from start to finish of the course?
A. The FA have stated that a course exam date should be set at four months from the course start date.

Q. What if I'm still playing, can I still go on a referees course?
A. Yes of course you can book on and attend a course but you'll be given all the details at the pre-course workshop, which will detail the commitment required to be a referee, so you can still play but you'll have to consider can I play and referee on the same day at different times of that day or skip a couple of matches as a player and only referee on the day I normally play to get my five qualifying games completed?

Q. What qualification will I get if I pass the exam?
A. All candidates, who complete all the course Units and pass the exam will become fully qualified referees and receive an FA certificate and Badge in the post directly from The FA.