Fox 40 Sport Kit

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Fox 40 Multi compartment pouch with Fox 40 Sport Kit, Includes Whistle, Stopwatch, Pump and Lanyard.
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Multi-compartment nylon pouch.
Includes :

Fox 40 Classic Whistle - Black.

Fox 40 Stopwatch.

Fox 40 Double Action Pump.

1" Fox 40 Imprinted Lanyard.

  • Multi-compartment pouch.
  • Black nylon pouch with zipper close.
  • Interior has two zippered storage areas, one mesh style, the other solid material with pencil loops storage.
  • Outer layer is 100% durable nylon.
  • Inner layer is 100% polyster with green PVC edge lining.
  • Includes hand strap with attached buckle.
  • Pouch measures 13.0” x 7.5” x 3.0”.

Sport Kit Features :

Fox 40 Classic Whistle
The Fox 40® Classic™ is for referees and coaches at all levels who want every call to be heard.

Flawless, consistent and reliable.
Sound will be heard up to a mile away.
Fingergrip model has adjustable fingergrip that fits securely and comfortably over group of fingers

Fox 40 Stopwatch
Stopwatch features 12/24-hour digital time and date display.
Stores chrono data for each run with data tag.
1/100 second precision with split function.
Hourly chime.
Water and shock resistant.

Fox 40 Double Action Pump
Pin stores in ball pump cap.
Pins are made of zinc alloy.
Ball pump inflates all balls.
8” hand pump has double action for fast inflation; expels air on push and pull.

1" Lanyard
1” Fox 40 Imprinted Lanyard with heavy-duty J-hook and black breakaway clasp.
Customized Fox 40 lanyard.
Durable material with breakaway feature for safety.


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